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Postpartum Recovery Tips For New Moms

The first few weeks after giving birth bring with them some of the most exciting moments of your life. At the same time, you’re dealing with sleepless nights and adjusting to caring for a new baby, all while recovering from the physical stresses of giving birth. Planning for postpartum is just as important as planning for pregnancy and birth. These recovery tips can help you prepare well and recover easier.

What is postpartum?

Postpartum refers to the first six weeks after giving birth. During this time, your body is healing from giving birth and adjusting to no longer being pregnant. Your body will go through many changes during this time. Those changes will look different for every woman, so it’s important not to compare your postpartum recovery to anyone else’s.

Postpartum Recovery Tips

  1. Prioritize rest
    You may often hear the phrase, “Sleep when the baby sleeps!” While most moms roll their eyes at this while they think of the overflowing dishes in the sink, the pile of laundry, or the fact that they haven’t even had the chance to take a shower today, the sentiment is true – you should prioritize rest. Not only are your nights being interrupted every few hours to care for your baby, but your body is also recovering from the physical stresses of giving birth. To cope with the fatigue of sleepless nights and help your body heal, rest with your baby. The dishes can wait!
  2. Ask for help
    For many new moms, this is easier said than done. You may feel guilty asking for help, or you may want to feel like you have everything under control. However, everyone needs help from time to time. Especially new moms. Don’t hesitate to ask a friend or family member to run errands, cook a meal, clean up around the house, or hold the baby while you get some much-needed rest. Remember, it takes a village!
  3. Nourish your body
    While you will spend much of your time ensuring your baby is getting proper nourishment, it’s important to keep yourself nourished during the postpartum period – and beyond. Enjoying healthy snacks and eating nourishing meals will have a positive impact on your recovery and healing process. As well as your milk supply if you choose to breastfeed. Focus on healthy, foods such as whole grains, nuts and seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy proteins.

If you are breastfeeding, you may find yourself hungrier than usual. This is normal and is your body’s way of telling you it needs extra nourishment to support a healthy milk supply. Listen to your body and nourish it well.

If you’re a new mom, know that the postpartum period can feel daunting, but it is also a joyous time full of excitement. If you remember to prioritize rest, ask for help, and nourish your body, you will walk the road of postpartum with a little more ease and be on the road to recovery in no time.