Corona Virus (COVID-19) and Pregnancy


Little is known about infections with coronavirus and its effect on pregnancy. There is no direct evidence that is causes harm to the unborn baby except in cases when the pregnant mother may become very ill. For any patient who develops significant shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and fever they should call our office immediately. Please call before coming! Our office, like most outpatient medical offices, is not set up for isolation or testing for coronavirus. IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS OF FEVER, CHILLS, BODY ACHES, COUGH OR STUFFY NOSE PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE BEFORE COMING. We will triage symptoms over the telephone. If symptoms are felt to be severe, patients will be directed to the hospital emergency department for full evaluation and to provide treatment that cannot be provided in an office setting. Laboratory testing is rapidly evolving. We do not anticipate being able to do testing for coronavirus, just like we do not do testing for influenza (Flu). Treatment for anyone is primarily supportive, just as in patients who have influenza (flu). This treatment is to significantly increase oral fluids, to use Tylenol per directions on the bottle for fever, body aches and chills.

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