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Co-Sleeping with Your Child

Co-sleeping, or sharing a bed with your child, is a practice that has been around for generations. In many cultures, it is a common and natural way to care for infants and young children. However, in Western cultures, co-sleeping has become a controversial topic, with some experts advocating strongly against it. Proponents of co-sleeping argue…

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Hair Loss After Pregnancy

What can you expect to experience with hair loss after pregnancy? Many women experience excess hair shedding after pregnancy. This hair shedding is most prevalent at around 4 months post pregnancy. Why Do Women Experience Hair Loss After Pregnancy? Hair loss after pregnancy is normal and common. It happens because of the changing hormone levels…

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Preventing Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs in women who are pregnant who don’t have a history of diabetes while not pregnant. During pregnancy, your body goes through changes like weight gain and increased hormone levels. These changes can cause your body to be less responsive to a hormone called insulin; insulin is…